Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ring Bearer pillow

This is a ring bearer pillow that I made for my niece's wedding. The work of 3 generations of women in our family is included in this pillow - my grandmother (her great-grandmother); my mother, her mother, and my own work.


Judy said...

This is so unique and must be so special to the bride. Very pretty!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Pretty awesome Lin! (this is Mark's wife, Amy)

Lin said...

Thanks! It was a work of love, and it's nice that it means so much to the bride. Some of the lace was made by my grandmother (the bride's great-grandmother), the doily around the pillow was made by the bride's mom (who passed away several years ago), and there's a button on the back (I need to post a picture of the back!) from my mom's extensive button collection (we didn't have any of her embroidery left from over the years).
The deep red was the bridesmaids colors.