Monday, March 28, 2011

For My Husband

This is a picture from before quilting.  I'm binding this now, and will take another picture afterwards.  My friend, Eula Lang (Quilting Bits n Pieces in Eudora Kansas) quilted this - there are 4 eagles - one in each corner; the Air Force emblem in the center, feathered wreaths, and stippling throughout.  Absolutely stunning!!!!! 


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love blue and white ones almost as much. Sigh. This is a wonderful quilt! So simple, really, but so elegant. The borders really make it special.

Lin on Maine said...

Thank you. These are old old fabrics. I've taken a picture (close up, not sure how it will turn out) - the navy has little ercu stars in it, and the ecru has little navy half-wreaths. Eula is an amazing quilter, and the drape of the quilt now is perfect.