Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Infinite Variety - From Red and White to Mostly Red to Talavera

The American Folk Art Museum in New York currently has the quilt world oohing and aahing over their show "Infinite Variety:  Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts"


Not my quilt!

There are loads of pictures on the above site, flickr, facebook - all celebrating the uniqueness of the two color quilt. 
I've always loved a red and white house quilt, but then again, I like them in blue and white (which I've made and my kid hasn't hung up in his house yet!) too.  This show has my design juices wanting to make a red and white quilt - trouble is, which one?  I'd like to do a traditional quilt in red and white.


If you go to Pat Sloan's blog, (click above), she is going to be doing a challenge later for red and white quilts.  Hmmm.... maybe that's the push I need?

Meanwhile, here is a picture of a quilt that started as a red and white.  I soon figured out you can't really do a two color bargello.  So I decided to use the color wheel instead, but still wanted a predominately red quilt.

Eula Lang of Quilting Bits n Pieces (click here) has now quilted this gem from the early 90s.  If I can, I'll get a close up of her quilting.  Every section is something different.
  I'm in the process of sewing the binding now.

 It's been a love-hate relationship with this quilt, but since I discovered that the colors go well with my talavera pottery collection, I'm in love again!

Talavera fruit bowl


Anonymous said...

Like the look of your blog. I LOVE, Love, Love, red and white quilts. I SO wish I were able to go to that show. For years I lived in NJ, 45 minutes by train from Wall Street. They never did anything great like this back then!

Lin on Maine said...

Thank you! I have been blown away by what I've seen posted on this show. The closest I have ever come to anything like this was the Espirit Collection of Amish Quilts.
I love two color quilts.