Saturday, November 26, 2005

Crazy quilting

The next block was made by Kim. She decided her 'uncomfort zone' included blue and orange. Lillian took one look at that and decided that it called for a desert island, complete with palm tree and lazy ocean waves -with an underwater scene that included a seahorse!

I added a sunset, a beaded waterfall, and some shells to embellish a seam. This is going to be a great crazy quilt block!

I was really happy with the waterfall - and I've included a close up of it. I'll include what beads/threads I used later.

I wanted the shells to look as if they were 'settling' down at the bottom of the ocean. I learned to use a dremel drill - I didn't like the way they were drilled, so I redrilled them.

You can also see Lillian's remarkable reef!

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