Saturday, November 26, 2005

Irish Setter crazy quilt

Recently I've rediscovered a love of crazy quilting and quilts. I'm participating in a 'Difficult Color' round robin.

The purpose was to challenge ourselves to think outside our color comfort zones. I chose to use browns, and since I'm in love with Irish Setters, the center of my block was an Irish Setter. You can see a picture here after the first round and Gemma had embellished it some.


Buttercup said...

Lin, did you ever think of using photos of your dogs, ironed on to fabric and incorporate that into one of your quilts? I did a bit of that when I had a photo of Caitlin, transfered to fabric and made it a doll face for her & put it on a fabric doll.

Lin said...

Yes I have! Arnie was in a quilt store with me and found a couple of books on the subject. He's now pulling pictures of dogs, vacations, grandkids, all sorts of things for me to scan and/or print out on fabric to make quilts. I told him he needs to learn.

What a great idea - to do that for her. I bet that doll is very special! I'd love to see a picture!

Joshua drew a picture at school and they could have it made into a fabric sheet (for quilting), a mug, keychain, all sorts of things. The kids chose a fabric sheet for me.